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GATE Statement on the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia, May 17th 2017

Today May the 17th, is the International Day against Homophobia,Transphobia and Biphobia.

On this day, GATE condemns all forms of violence, stigmatization and discrimination against trans and gender diverse people worldwide. We fully support and welcome the media statement released by the UN OHCHRC on IDAHOTB 2017, which:

  • “urges States worldwide to adopt a legal framework to protect the rights of trans and   gender diverse youth, respectful of gender diversity.
  • calls on States to adopt and implement effective measures prohibiting violence,     anti-discrimination laws covering gender identity and expression as well as sexual   orientation, to develop inclusive curricula and learning materials, training for and support to teachers and other school staff, education and support programs for parents, safe and non-discriminatory access to bathrooms, and awareness-raising programmes nurturing respect and understanding for gender diversity.”
  • “calls on States to facilitate quick, transparent and accessible legal gender recognition and without abusive conditions, guaranteeing human rights for all persons, respectful of free/informed choice and bodily autonomy. [Y]oung trans and gender diverse people should be allowed to use their own names and pronouns, and to dress according to their self-defined gender identity and expression.”

In particular, GATE celebrates and supports the OHHRC call for “States to decriminalize and depathologize trans and gender diverse identities and expressions, including for young transgender people, by prohibiting ‘conversion therapies’ and [by] refrain[ing] from adopting new criminalizing laws and pathologizing medical classifications, including in the context of the upcoming review of the International Classification of Diseases”.

All forms of violence, stigma, pathologization and discrimination based on gender identity and expression have devastating impacts on adults, but practiced on children and adolescents, the outcome is likely to be worse and even irreversible.  For GATE, as a trans-led organization, whose programmatic work is centered on depathologization, movement building and advocacy of recognition and human rights for trans, gender variant and bodily diverse groups worldwide, we celebrate OHCHRC media statement on IDAHOT 2017 for focusing on trans and gender variant children and youth. This statement is of critical value and importance for the awareness of our struggle among wider audiences.

In solidarity,

The GATE Team


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